Residential Services

Dirty Deeds Done restores, renovates, and rebuilds residential property to improve its condition, functionality, and overall appeal. Our team undertakes these efforts to address various issues, such as damage from natural disasters, wear and tear, outdated designs, or the need for modernization. Both reconstruction and rehabilitation aim to enhance the property’s quality, safety, and livability.

Commercial Services

Commercial property rehabilitation and reconstruction are essential components of maintaining a vibrant, functional, and safe commercial real estate market. Dirty Deeds Done undertakes these challenging processes to contribute to the longevity, adaptability, and sustainability of commercial properties of all types throughout the Greater Boston Area, in response to evolving business needs, industry standards, and client preferences.

Disaster Reconstruction

In addition to junk removal and demolition, disaster reconstruction is another popular service in which Dirty Deeds Done specializes. From damage assessment to insurance coordination, Dirty Deeds Done is the Greater Boston Area’s trusted disaster reconstruction company. Our team knows what to look for in affected properties affected by fire, water, or other types of damage. Call today to learn more!

Areas Of Expertise

Inherited Property


Real Estate Brokers

Landlords & Property Managers

Estate Lawyers

Public Insurance Adjusters

Water & Flood Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Storm / Disaster

General & Specialty Cleaning

Welcome to Dirty Deeds Done

Dirty Deeds Done is your go-to solution for comprehensive property clean-outs, disaster reconstruction, and tenant preparation services. At Dirty Deeds Done, we understand that property transitions can be challenging, whether due to tenant evictions, hoarding situations, or the need for commercial and residential cleanouts in anticipation of converting a property for business or personal use. We are here to make the process smooth, efficient, and stress-free for you.

At Dirty Deeds Done, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and 100% customer satisfaction. We specialize in handling a wide range of property clean-out scenarios, including but not limited to tenant evictions, hoarding situations, and the preparation of both commercial and residential spaces for new occupants–whether individuals or business tenants. Our experienced and dedicated team is equipped to tackle any challenge, ensuring that your property is left in impeccable condition.

Consider Dirty Deeds Done your trusted partner in property clean-outs and reconstruction. We look forward to serving you and making the process of property transitions a seamless and positive experience for homeowners, business owners, landlords, and heirs. Don’t let your cleanout project overwhelm you; call today.


-Sal A (Salem, MA)

Dirty Deeds Done came immediately to clean up a structure that fell off of our roof. Fast and reasonable…

-Lorena, ABC Properties (Salem, MA)

Dirty Deeds Done helped us with flooded offices. They were here quickly and did a great job…

-Mary D., Estate Lawyer (Salem, MA)

“Dirty Deeds Done has been a lifeline for my estate cases in Salem. Their meticulous junk removal and property rehabilitation services have streamlined the process of managing inherited properties. Their collaboration with public adjusters is seamless, making it a go-to choice for estate lawyers. Mary D. in Salem highly recommends their services!”

-John P., Public Adjuster (Marblehead, MA)

“I’ve partnered with Dirty Deeds Done on several occasions in Marblehead, and their commitment to excellence is unmatched. From junk removal to property rehabilitation, they’ve proven to be reliable allies for public adjusters. Their collaboration with insurance companies ensures a smooth claims process. John P. in Marblehead highly recommends their expertise!”

-Rachel H., Business Owner (Beverly, MA)

“Dirty Deeds Done is a game-changer for businesses in Beverly! Their swift and effective junk removal services and comprehensive property rehabilitation have exceeded my expectations. As a business owner, their understanding of commercial needs is invaluable. Rachel H. in Beverly highly recommends their services for businesses seeking reliable solutions.”

-Tom S., (Lynn, MA)

“I can’t praise Dirty Deeds Done enough! Their team transformed a daunting task into a stress-free experience. From thorough junk removal to property rehabilitation, they brought my home back to life. Their professionalism and collaboration with public adjusters made the entire process hassle-free. Highly recommended for homeowners!”

-Jessica M., Insurance Professional (Danvers, MA)

“Jessica M. in Danvers, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dirty Deeds Done on various property rehabilitation projects. Their attention to detail, transparent processes, and collaborative approach with estate lawyers and public adjusters make them stand out. Their coordination with insurance companies ensures a smoother claims process. A trusted partner in the industry!”

-Samantha (Lowell, MA)

“Working with Dirty Deeds Done has been a game-changer for my estate cases. Their prompt and efficient junk removal services, coupled with their property rehabilitation expertise, have simplified the process of managing inherited properties. The collaboration with public adjusters ensures a seamless experience. Highly recommended for estate lawyers seeking reliable partners.”

Salem MA Multifamily Fire Reconstruction

Single Family Fire Damage Reconstruction